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Premium White Oak Barrels for All Spirits.

New and Used Oak Barrels for Bourbon, Whiskey, Craft Beer & Wine.
We Ship our Barrels Worldwide.
American or French White Oak with char.
Get the Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

Wine & Spirits

Choose from a variety of high quality  new and used wine barrels. 

 Bourbon whiskey

Choose from a variety of high quality new and used bourbon barrels.

Craft or bourbon Beer

Our oak barrels are perfect for craft beer or bourbon distillers.

Our Barrels

The oak used to build all our used and new barrels is aged for 24 – 36 months and the barrels are toasted for 45 minutes prior to charring.

We ship our barrels worldwide and they are also suitable for use in a variety of spirits such as Scotch whisky, Canadian whiskey, Irish whiskey, tequila, and rum.

Average cost of a used American oak barrel: $50-125.
Used oak barrel sizes range from: 5 to 80 gallons.
We also produce new American & French oak barrels
Average cost of a used French oak barrel: $90-195.
Number of years the oak barrel was used: 2-4.
We buy back most used oak barrels we sell.

Our Process

Every used oak barrel we sell has to have a great beginning. Our customers will always receive a top-quality and premium used barrel

Quality control.

Every oak barrel is checked to ensure barrels are free of contamination and flaws.

aging cycle.

All used oak barrels have been used for just one aging cycle of wine or whiskey.

happy distillers.

Our goal is to always make ALL of our customers happy, with a quality used barrel.

customer FEEDBACK.

Feedback is at the forefront of our business and we are here to answer all your questions.


We are always buying back the used oak barrels we sold to donate to nonprofits.


We offer free delivery anywhere within 8 hours drive from our 3 warehouses.

Buy Oak Barrels
starting at $90
New and Used French oak 
Used French oak barrels in very good shape, once used.
New French oak barrels in  stock. Email for availability.
gallon sizes AVAILABLE 
5, 8, 10, 15, 23, 30, 53 –All barrels come with white oak or silicone bung.
$50 to $125
New and used american oak 
Used American white oak barrels, high quality, once used. New American oak barrels in stock. Email for availability. 
All used barrel orders must be made via email or over the phone. We take orders 24 hours – 7 days a week.
HOW LONG IS shipping?
In stock used oak barrels will usually ship within 1 business day. We do provide free delivery within 8 hours drive from our warehouses in Napa, CA. 
are the barrels charred?
Our used stock is made up of mixed light, medium and heavy char barrels.
What if my barrel leaks?
We check every single barrel for flaws before shipping. We replace any bad barrels and pay all shipping cost. We guarantee all our barrels.
Don't forget to email us
Hours: 8am to 8pm GMT
“ Buying Barrels has never been so easy
- Jerry H.
 We have over 15,000
New and used oak BARRELS in stock.